March 22, 2011

Sugar Pill Sample... Magentric Loose Eyeshadow!! (Today's Look)

Hello lovely people! Today I am very excited to review another amazing sample by Sugar Pill. If you read my other blog The Luv you would know that I was waiting for a shirt from the lovely Shrinkle, maker of Sugar Pill. When I received this package I found a sample of Magentric, a loose eyeshadow.


I have finally been able to sit down and do two looks with this beautiful color. :) Keep reading for more pictures, and information below!

Sugar Pill loose eyeshadows; Glamorous sparkling loose eyeshadow that outshine them all! These ultra-fine metallic powders combine show-stopping color with adhesive elements for long lasting wear.

Magentric: A beautiful deep pink. Light shimmer and  sparkle of pink and light blue through out whole color. Really really wonderful on top of another pink shade or on its own.


As the label says I find these loose shadows to be very long lasting. All day, right through the night. :) I love the vibrant color and sparkle these colors give, more specifically this color. When I first saw the color I wasn't too sure if I was going to be a big fan. I generally prefer a lighter pink, more vibrant looking pink, but once I applied it to my eyes I found I really enjoyed the shade. It applies really nicely, and lasts.


(P.S Ha ha, I definatly just realized the two looks I did for this color days apart are almost the exact same thing. Oops. :/ BAhahaha!)

Look #1:


Look #2:





You can check out these loose shadows, as well as Shrinkles pressed powders at

Peace & Luv


  1. i got that pigment as a sample as well and i was looking for looks to try it out. i really like that you put the pink all over your lid and purple in the crease, very pretty!:)

  2. Thank you. It is a beautiful color. I love all Sugar Pill. :)