March 17, 2011

Mac's Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess Blush

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was finally going to purchase one of the pieces I had really wanted from Mac's Wonder Woman collection that I didn't manage to grab before. I ordered myself there Amazon Princess Blush and got it in the mail days later.


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This is one of the two blushes Mac came out with for this collection. The compacts themselves are the bright blue and red super hero packaging, just like the rest of the products. Also similar to the other products in this line I find the blush compact to be jumbo sized. If you compare it to a regular blush it is almost twice as large. SWEET!!

To pick up a Amazon Princess your looking at $29.00 (CND) You can find it to order online, as well as featured in Mac stores.


Over all I am quiet happy with this color. It's actually a duo. You get a really bright playful pink, as well as a dark bronze color. I find the pink is highly pigmented, but find the bronze is not as dark as it seems.  One thing you need to watch out for when using this color is the amount you put on. It is really easy to over do this color and end up looking like a clown. (lol)


If you want to check out the rest of my Wonder Woman collection, as well as see swatches, pricing, and more info, you can head here... Wonder Woman Blog

If you would like to check it out online head over to the Mac store here... Mac

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