March 31, 2011

Nails...Confident Pink

Last week I was at Claires buying a couple things to add to my sister's birthday gift. I came across a couple cute looking nail polishes and thought why not. The first one I looked at was a 'mood' nail polish called Confident/Peaceful. The second polish I looked at was a UV reactive Pink. I'm always down for the black light. :)

The first color I used was the 'mood' color changing nail polish, Confident/Peaceful. This color originally caught my eye because of the color it was in the bottle. I really love this shade of greeny-blue, basically a teal... duh. lol. Once I painted my nails I found I didn't mind the formula of the polish itself. It wasn't too runny or watery. It covered well and only took 2 coats to cover. I also found the polish dried quiet quickly which is always a added bonus I hope for with every new polish. Did the color actually change at all? Nope, not with my body warmth, UV, and mood (lol). It may look like it's changed depending on the lighting but for the most part it stayed the shade in the bottle.

Next came the UV Pink. I found this polish to be slightly thicker then the previous polish. (Maybe I didn't roll or shake it well enough.) Either way the color covered well only taking 1-2 coats, and dried in a fairly quick amount of time. Did it react in the black light. Yes. I almost want to say of course only because a lot of nail polishes react in black lighting, even if that isn't there main selling point. I guess it depends on the color. I find a lot of pink and oranges do this.

I can't remember how much I paid for these, but it was nothing more then a few dollars at most.

These are the nails I rocked with these colors. I'm lovin the blue sooooo much... even though it doesn't change color. (lol)


Check em out.

Peace & Luv

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