March 31, 2011

Toronto ABA Hair Show 2011

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! So the day finally came for the Hair Show. Every year my sister, Amanda and I head down to the convention center to check out what the hair and all around beauty show has to offer.

I am hoping to post a blog later on today/tomorrow about my Hair Show Haul. :)

More pictures below!!

The day started off with a little bit of a late start. We both weren't moving our butts, and quiet frankly didn't really realize what time it was. Either way, once we got ourselves together we headed out, and down to Toronto. It's funny, you can't get lost on the way to the hair show because once you get to the subway you can see exactly who's going and who's not. I guess you have to see it really understand.

Once you get to the hair show, making it down all the escalators and through the maze of hallways, you will find a bunch of smaller room so individual seminars and then the one big huge show room. The first thing we did was start walking around the show room. Of course the first thing we see is Danair's Air Brushing station. At the the time they were doing a girls makeup then her girl friends hair. They were both pretty rad. Last year we saw the same technique done and Amanda loved it. This time she finally beat the line up and go her hair airbrush to show a leopard print, then brought the system!! YAY! Although it wasn't mine, I'm was and still am super stoked cause I will get to play with it!! I was actually jumping in line behind her, while she paid. lol.


I wish I had taken a picture of the system. They are super small, and great for at home. It came with 4 foundations, a cleaner, your gun, hose, compressor, and DVD. Amanda bought the leopard print stencil and a black and magenta pigment separately. It's amazing what you can do with these systems. Use it on your face, lips, eyes, hair, and body. It replaces all the make up you have. It's nuts. Best of it was fire engine red. :) You get to pink your own color. I want the Pink or Zebra one. :D

Our next stop was to meet the Fringe crew... well some of them. lol. I'm really not good with names, so I wont lie, I don't really remember too many names. I know one girl was named Sarah. I remember that for obvious reasons. ;) Either way it was a pleasure to meet them. :) Of course as a group we headed over to the Redken stand together. They are a Red Lemon shop, that uses all Redken products.

Next we shopped around. Of course I wanted to check out what little makeup they have there. Usually the couple of stands or areas for makeup are crammed with people. This year, like any other it was. You basically had to fight your way in to see any of the products they were selling, and it took a good 20 mins in line to pay. I was sad to say I really didn't get to make it around the whole table, and sadly missed out on some items. (Oh well. It may have been for the better. $$)

We continued to walk around and check out the different displays. We watch demonstrations, checked out the different looks and styles on the models, and of course scoped out new products & sales. Once we had walked around for a bit, we met back up with he girls from Fringe and headed over to a seminar they were having about creating more profit for your business. Basically working smarter, not harder. It was extremely interesting and just a taste for a course that is ran around USA & Canada called Inspiring Champions. Seems really great for all business really.

After our hour and a half group, we headed out to get something to eat. (I felt bad for the way I was acting in the seminar. I all of a sudden wasn't feeling well, and really wasn't giving her 100% of my time. I think she knew it. Sorry!) Once we were done eating the show was pretty much over. We did one more quick run of the floor and headed out on our way. It's amazing how fast some of those vender's can pack up and go. lol.

Oh I forgot to mention, this year Tabatha Coffey was there. For those who don't know her, she better know for her show; Tabatha's Salon Takeover. Basically she is a ubber bitch, but whips people into shape and gets the job DONE! In a sense, (well many) I say good for her!! She spoke on the main stage, and was doing book signings for those who wanted to buy and book and wait in line. I took photo's from the side lines... I don't do lines well. lol.


Well I ALWAYS have a great time at the hair show with my sister. It's a lot of fun spending your day around all these talented people. Quiet inspirational really. :) Fun Fun Fun.

Feel quiet ill half way through the day, although I did recover. Unfortunately because we only had one day at the show we didn't get to see a lot of the shows of competitions they were having. We have decided next year a 2 day pass is a must. Also if you choose to go on the Monday, that is also the day all the school groups come in. Ive never gone of the Sunday, but I would assume it would be less bodies running around. Those buses can pack the kids in.

All around I had a GREAT time. Really worth going down to see. You get to spend your day checking out something that can be so creative and so much fun. Good times.

Amanda, if you read this: Thank you! I had a awesome time, and can't wait to do it again next year!! :D

This basically sums up my day spent at this years ABA Hair Show (2011). If you headed out, I hope you had fun too. If not check it out next year. There is usually a discount at the door with a student ID.

Again I will be posting another blog, hopefully later on today/tomorrow about my Hair Show Haul. :)

Peace & Luv

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