March 1, 2011

Stila;Trendsetting in Tokyo & Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner

Today I got a lovely little gift, via myself (lol) from Sephora. I knew it would be coming in today and was very excited. I had my eye on the Tokyo Set for a little while now. Sadly it was sold out for a while, but has now come back into stock. I was also extremely excited to FINALLY be trying Kat Von D's eyeliner because of all the raving I have been hearing about it. I have heard very good things for this product. Unfortunately the color I wanted was sold out, but I was able to grab another. :)


Either way I have managed to swatch and take pictures of all the colors. I also managed to use all the colors, and both products today. Over all I was very happy with the results. First up is my very first Stila product. Tokyo Palette, next will be Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner.

Stila- Trendsetting in Tokyo Palette: This is a super-cute, compact, all-in-one set. I will say my very first impression was my that small. I must say I did think this would be bigger. I kinda sat there and thought to myself, well you only paid $10.00. With that said you still get quiet a bit a product. I will also say that this make this a lot more compact, and a great piece to bring on over night trips. All in one.

The front of the palette is a cute Tokyo night scene. Inside you find a good size mirror, four shadows & a blush/lip cream. First you have your eye shadows, (starting left to right) Sake (a bronze-beige color with a light shimmer), Kawai (beautiful light pink with shimmer), Shibuya (Dark, navy blue- matte), and Peace (black with multicolor sparkle).  All shadows have a nice pigment to them. None of them are super bright, but a nice light shimmer, which makes for a great smokey eye or softer look. None of them were hard to apply or work with. I really enjoyed using all of these colors together.


The last part to the palette would be the blush/lip cream. The girly pink is called Sakura. Today I used the color on my cheeks. It is quiet pigmented, and is easy to blend in. It does not leave a greasy or any kind of stain. I will say in the pictures you will see I have added some Mac blush on top, not because the cream wouldn't show, I just wanted something a little darker.


Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner: This was something I was excited about a long time ago, and never really ended up trying... until now. (lol) The packaging is the same as her other products, beautiful and dark. She features her silver roses on the top of the liner, and the simple Kat Von D on the bottle. I got a dark, but vibrant purple named Homie. I have to say I love the name. :) This liner cost me $8.00, usually $16.00. (ALWAYS check Sephora's sale section, if you can't find it search it!)

Once I actually used the liner, I knew right away that I like the brush. Instead of a sponge, or a cheap tip, it was a really nice, tiny brush. With this said, I will admit, I am still not the best applier of liquid eyeliner. I do and still will for a long time, struggle. The color itself is really nice. I almost wish the liquid was a little more thicker. I found that when I applied it, it would thin out in the middle. If you don't press as hard it helps, but if you may still find that some of the color pushes to the side. All in all I would say this liner is worth the money.


Today I was extremely happy with all my products. I bought everything from You can search by brand, or product. This palette is no. 3. I am very happy to say I will be getting the other two. Happy hunting!

Below I have posted picture of the look I created using all these colors. I really loved this soft,  beautiful look. As I said before this palette is great for a smokey eye, or a soft natural look.

**(LOL) My eye brows are a little wild. :/**



-Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
-Stila Tokyo Palette
-Sugar Pill Pressed Powder (Tako)
-E.L.F Pencil Eyeliner (Black)
-Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner
-Mac Mascara (Blue)

-E.L.F Foundation
-Mac Cooling Powder
-E.L.F Highlight Palette
-Stila Tokyo Palette
-Mac Blush- Bite of an Apple

-Vitiam E
-Mac Lipglass Emancipation

***Remeber to prep & prime lips, eyes, and face.***

Peace & Luv

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