May 4, 2011

E.L.F Disposable Makeup Applicators

While placing my last order to Eyes, Lips, & Face. I was browsing around there studio brushes and found that they sold packs of disposable makeup applicators. They sell packs of Powder Puffs, Eyeshadow Sponges, Mascara Wands, and Lip Gloss Wands.

For more information and pricing, keep on readin...

I grabbed myself a pack of Powder Puffs, Mascara Wands, and Lip Gloss Wands. I didn't really bother grabbing myself any eyeshadow sponges because I hate using them and have my own brushes.

These disposable applicators are made, and perfect for sanitary makeup application. One thing you want to be sure of; you are doing your makeup and other peoples makeup in a clean way, for obvious reasons. These packets are perfect. They work great and come with a decent amount of applicators, at a affordable price.

Powder Puffs: $1.00 (4 Puffs)
Soft, cottony pads. Great for any kind of powder application.


Mascara Wands: $3.00 (12 per pack)
Perfect size wand. Great for mascara application, separating lashes, & grooming eyebrows.


Lip Gloss Wands: $3.00 (12 per pack)
Perfect size wand. Great for applying lipstick, lip gloss, or any lip product.


I really wanted to share these because I believe it is important to keep your makeup applications clean and sanitary. Also its a great deal for a great price. You really can't go wrong.

Peace & Luv


  1. Very nice! I don't do makeup on others but it would be fun to have some of these so I can play "makeup makeovers" with my sisters LOL. I can use the practice :)

  2. To be honest me too. And thats why I bought them, simply to practice and do my sister, or mom, or whom ever will let me. lol.