May 5, 2011

UV Nail Polish

Today I went through my nail polish and picked out all the polishes that would react to UV blacklight. I found 7 different polishes that I wanted to show you. They are from a variety of different brand names, shapes, and sizes. I also created my own little Frankenstein polish.


For more pictures and information click below!
Sun Light:

UV Blacklight: (Light Background)


UV Blacklight: (Dark Background)


Funky Fingers: AN13 Warhol (Deep Pink) This is one of my most favorite colors in the whole world! Not just because pink is my favorite color, but is named after one of my favorite artists, and someone I truly look up to... Andy Warhol!


Claire's Black Light Polish: (Sparkling Pink) I always find this color applies a little clumpy, no matter how I mix it up. Once applied it tends to even itself out. It could be old or just Clarie's. :/


LA Colors: Lightning (Light Peachy-Pink)


LA Colors: Shock (Peachy-Orange)


Sally Girl: (Highlighter Orange) Cute little tiny bottle. Great for traveling or on the go. :)


Color Club: Yell-Oh! (Highlighter Yellow)


Claire's Mood Polish: Confident/Peaceful (Teal Blue)


Frankenstein Polish: Mixed Color Club (Yell-Oh!) & Claire's Mood Polish (Confident/Peaceful) to create a limey green. Unfortunately because I didn't have a extra brush to really mix the two colors together so it is a little streaky. It gets the idea across.


I love love love everything that is UV, and will glow in a black light. UV nail polishes is a must have!! You always need one or two in your collection for Halloween at least. :P

Hope this gives everyone a couple new nail polish brands, and some good ideas!

Peace & Luv