May 9, 2011

E.L.F Matte Lip Color

I'm always checking out the E.L.F website and all the sales they always have going. In my last little haul I bought a lipstick. I haven't yet tried any of there lipsticks, and was happy to give it a shot.


They are called Matte Lip Color. These sticks cost $3.00 each. I got 2 out of the 4 different colors they offer.

Coral: A peachy-orange shade. Matte finish with light shine.

Natural: A pinky-plum shade. Matte finish with light shine.

(Apologises for the craptacular pictures. This was like 230am, in horrible lighting. I was going to retake them but don't have the lippies here.)

I do like these lipsticks, however my comments are both good and sad. I find them to be quiet smooth to apply. They also feel quite smooth on your lips. They give great color, however the color does not stay a super long time. Id say a hour or so, probably a little less if you applied lip gloss on top, or were eating. lol. I also find the actually sticks use up quiet quickly. My actually stick of lipstick has gone down quiet a bit only after a couple of applications. Its kinda a split decision. I have used them since, and will until they are finished.

Peace & Luv

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