May 16, 2011

O.C.C Lip Tars (Interlace & Valentino)

Last week two packages arrived for me from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Whenever I receive a package let alone from O.C.C I get quite excited. :)

The both packages had a Lip Tar in them. The first one was Interlace, one of the newest colors to be added to their colorful collection, and the second was Valentino, a color I got out of their Garage Sale. (The Garage sale is still running! Hurry while supplies last!)


For more pictures, swatches, and info keep reading...

Interlace: Subtle Peach Neutral ($13.00)
I think Interlace is a very pretty color. I think for me personally, the color by itself is too much for my natural tone. You'll be able to see what I mean in the pictures. However I do like this color with a pale peachy lip gloss on top.


Valentino: Vibrant Red with Plum Undertones ($6.50) *Limited*
I absolutely LOVE this color. I am so happy to finally have a lip tar in Red! I say this because red is a key color, and one I use quiet often. I finally have a red I can assure will be long lasting. One thing to watch out for with this color is bleeding. Make sure to line your lips, and that you use a good primer or base. You don't want your lip line to bleed, like mine did. This color is a limited color. O.C.C will no longer have this color in store. You can still grab it on there site, under their garage sale.


YAY! O.C.C Lip Tar Luv!!

Hope you like!

Peace & Luv

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