June 27, 2011

Hip Apotheca: Adara Coconut Virgin Oil

Pure and uniquely light it penetrates easily to provide antioident protection with matte finish. A nourishing drop goes a long way...

Not too long ago I was talking, or more so introducing a new, up incoming store, Hip Apotheca to the War Paint blog. I have try a couple items from this store that I have been dying to share with you.

The first item I have been wanting to share is Adara's Coconut Virgin Oil.  This is my favorite product I have used from the Hip Apotheca. You can use it in so many ways, and smells sooo good. I personally tried only 3 of the 6. (Heavenly Peach, Oriental Jasmine, & Organic)

For more information and pictures on this super versatile product click the link below!

Adara's Coconut Virgin Oil is a awesome all natural oil. It comes in 6 different scents. Green Tea, Lavender, Heavenly Peach, Organic, Innocent Rose, and Oriental Jasmine.

This oil is high in Vitamin E, Lauric Acid & antioxidant. ZERO preservatives. As well against animal testing. :)

This oil is very unique in the sense that if left in a colder/cooler temperature the oil will harden up. To soften up simple run under warm water, or hold in hands. If your taking a shower, just bring the bottle in the washroom with you, by the end of the shower it will be oil again.

Oil will harden and turn white. Kinda like this.
Ways to use:

-Directly on skin (Massage Oil); You can use this oil all over your body to get smooth, moisturized, soft feeling skin.

-Makeup Remover; Simply apply it to the area you wish to remove the makeup from. Apply a light layer, then wipe off. Oil helps break down dirt, even water proof mascara.

-Hair Mask; Apply spoonfuls of oil to hair. Massage through hair. Let the oil sit. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 mins, then continue regular shampoo/condition/styling.

-Dry Ends; Put a little bit on your hands, then apply to dead ends to smoothen hair.

-Nail Oil; If you run out of cuticle oil, substitute it with Adara oil.

You can pick up a 60ml bottle for $12.00. Sooo worth it!!

As I said I loooove this product and hope you will too. You can use it in so many ways. All smell so good, and leave your skin/hair feeling great.

Peace & Luv

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