June 22, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter Review

A few weeks ago I picked myself up some OPI Silver Shatter. I really don't own too many of the shatters or crackles. This would be my first OPI Shatter polish.

I went home and tried it out on all kinds of different polishes. To my surprise and happiness I found that the OPI Shatter works on any nail polish, not just other OPI polishes. :-D

I like the formula of the polish itself. It wasn't too runny, it had a nice consistency to it. However if you left the bottle open for too long, it did begin to dry and clog up. I found I had to close the lid and re-roll or 'shake' the bottle between hands to get all the gunk away from the top.

I found the Shatter to break and crack nicely. I think I would have liked it better if it was a solid color and not a sparkle. I find the sparkle Shatter take too much away from the actual base color in the background. I found it to be not as bold. (If you paint shatter on with no base it come out as its color. In this case Silver.)

Here are some swatches of the Silver Shatter on various polishes.

/w Flash
/w Flash

/w out Flash

/w out Flash
 This polish is such a simple way to create such a rad look, its defiantly worth looking into and tons fun. You can find these polishes in a wide variety of colors, the combinations are endless. Have fun!

Peace & Luv 

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