June 20, 2011

Silver Shatter Envy Nails

Yesterday I decided my polish from my last manicure had its time to shine and I needed to switch it up. I decided to try some of my new Silver Shatter which I had not yet tried on my nails yet. To my joy and excitement my color combo choice wasn't bad. I really like how they turned out.

I really enjoy using the shatter or crackle polishes because it is a easy way to create a super fun look.


For more pix and polished used hit link below...

I first started by removing my polish from my last manicure. Bye bye sparkling blue... I used Quo nail polish remover. Once your nails are clean you can apply a base coat, or nail strengthener.

I then applied my base color. I used Claire's Peace/Confident Mood polish. I applied two coats.

 I then applied my OPI Silver Shatter. Once your shatter dries you can apply your top coat.

Remember to let your nails completely dry or you will be dealing with smudges and touch ups. If you need to go in and clean around your nails, just use some of your nail polish remover on a q-tip.

You can use any color you want to create your own look. Feel free to experiment and try new things!

Peace & Luv

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