June 14, 2011

Sparkling Nails

Here are a couple sample nails I did one night. I wanted to try different spark textures and sizes on nails. I basically painted my nails either clear or which ever color glitter I was going to use. Then I simple dumped the glitter on top of the nail trying to keep it as neat as possible.

Here are a few different ones I created...


Once you have the whole nail covered in sparkles, and it dries for a couple of minutes you can apply your clear coat. You may have to use more top coat, because of the texture and amount to cover. With this said, these nails unfortunately do take longer to dry. (I hate that too.)

 Yellow: I painted this nail with a yellow base coat. Then added my neon yellow sparkles. These ones were very small and fine sparkles. These would probably last longer, then chunky glitter.
 Silver: I used a clear base coat on this nail. Sprinkled my sparkles on top. These were the smallest and finest sparkles I used which made it harder to get full coverage, however it made it easier to apply a top coat, and would probably last longer on the nails.
 I used a clear coat for my last two nails. The glitter I used for these nails is much more thicker, and larger in shape. They give great coverage but will need a lot of clear coat and will take the longest to dry. They do however give a very unique effect.
I think nails like this would be a lot of fun for a occasion like New Years Eve or your birthday day. Great for a night out. This is a really simple nail look, with no skill level involved. Anyone can do this.

Peace & Luv

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  1. I really like the sparkly red nail, it reminds me of the ruby red slippers in the wizard of oz. :)