July 21, 2011

China Glaze Metal Crackle Review

Today is finally the day I am posting my Metal Crackle review. Feels like its been forever simply because Ive known forever these colors were coming.

This summer (2011) China Glaze has introduced a new line of Metal Crackles. They deliver a beautiful pastel pale, metallic color, that for the most part dries matte.

I was super excited about the Metal Crackle for simple fact I love the colors, and like the sparkly/shiny metallic look, plus the additional hype of a new crackle.

For pictures of swatches and more info...

There were six different shades featured in the collection. I unfortunately only have 5 out of 6.

You can pick these bottles of polish for anywhere between $7-$12. I picked mine up at Fringe in Georgetown. They have the Metals crackle as well as some of the regular polishes, such as the black I am featuring in this blog.

Platinum Pieces:


Cracked Medallion:


Oxidized Aqua:


Latticed Lilac:


Haute Metal:


Black Mesh:


Swatched on Black

Swatched on White

Swatched on Color

Black & White Crackle
Remember to check out Fringe and all the awesome ish they offer!! You can find them here or on FB.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the collection as much as I have. :)

Peace & Luv


  1. I really like the colors swatched on white. Great for summer!