July 18, 2011

MAC Fall 2011 Turquatic Collection

Modern girls (and boys) who’ve become addicted to Turquatic, MAC’s sensual sea-spray of a fragrance, bracing with anemone, lotus, orris, and a curious waft of Corsican cedrat from the shore, will love its new, fresh evocative packaging sure to satisfy that legion of mesmerizing mermaids who want more. Just look! A sleek new rollerball option, as well as the debut of our larger 50ml size.

MAC is coming out with a small fragrance collection for this fall.
It will be launching August 11/11 (US/CAN) September 2011 (International)

The Turquatic Fragrance... Crisp and energizing! A splash of clear, sparkling mineral water brought chilled through an infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar. All permanent.

This scent will come in three different sized bottles, in different designs.

50ml ($59.50 CND/ $49.50 USD)
20ml ($33.00 CND/ $27.50 USD)
Rollerball ($24.00 CND/ $20.00 USD)

Seems like MAC is coming out will a million collections this fall!! Whew!

Peace & Luv

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