July 5, 2011

Hip Apotheca: Antipodes Hydrating Day Cream & Nourishing Night Cream

Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream... A light but intensive facial day cream with botanical extracts that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, healthy, and energized.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream... Resurrect your skin using this deeply nourishing night cream with it's superior restorative qualities. Essential oil aromatherapy also works to purify, soothe, and uplift your skin.

For the past few weeks I have been trying out a day and night cream by Antipodes that Hip Apotheca will be offering. These are light weight creams, that leave your skin feeling hydrated for hours, as well as leave you with silky smooth skin.

This product was created and is made in New Zealand. These lotions are 100% all natural, and smell soooo delicious.

Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream: The first thing I noticed about this lotion was the amazing scent. Who doesn't love the smell of Vanilla? The scent is so calming, and lasts quiet a while. The next thing I noticed was the texture. While it is obviously, like most creams, smooth, it tends to be a little on the thicker side. I find you need to use a little more in order to get it all over your face and neck. One thing I really like about this cream, that I can't seem to find in most lotions, is the long lasting, just lotioned feeling. My skin feels smooth, and hydrated for twice as long, as it would using my regular day cream.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream: Much like the Vanilla Pod day cream the scent is amazing. Its a nice fresh mix of Avocado and Pear. Not over powering, but strong enough to notice. While the texture of the night cream is similar to the day cream, I find the night cream to be slightly thinner, which I like. It also gives you a moisturised, velvet like feeling that lasts hours.

Remember to head over to http://www.hipapotheca.com/ to sign up to there mailing list, pre-launch of the new website. Those who sign up will be eligible to get a free gift from Hip Apotheca. Also they will be giving away a bottle of Adara (as well as a whole bunch of bomb samples) to everyone who makes a purchase upon launch.

Or you can check out these awesome day'n'night creams at http://www.antipodesnature.com/

Peace & Luv

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