July 8, 2011

MAC Fall 2011 Collection... Colourizations

Couples can be seemingly mismatched…but when it works, it’s wonderful! These Duos for Eyes are doubly dramatic, with two shades combined in sophisticatedly unexpected ways…so much so that we call them M·A·C DOUBLE FEATURES. In eight daring pairings, they’re being introduced just as Summer fades away, COLOURIZATIONS Double Feature Shadow Compacts are the quickest, most convenient way to incite the imagination. Technakohl Liner gets the Best Friend role, emphasizing the chemistry between these eight interesting new dualities. Plus, two set ready Brushes.

Coming up later this month we will be seeing MAC's latest collection, Colourizations hitting counters all across the country. The collection is dedicated to the odd couple, the random mix and match colors that don't always seem like they are going to work out, but some how magically do.


More pictures and pricing below...
Launch Dates:
Nordstorm/The Bay: July 29th 2011
US/Canada: August 2011
International: August 4th 2011

Pro Duo Shadows ($30.00 CND/ $20.00 US):

-Double Feature #1: Bright yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl) / Pinked-up chrome purple (Frost)

-Double Feature #2: Bright lime (Veluxe Pearl) / Frosty deep grey (Satin)

-Double Feature #3: Mid-tone teal (Matte) / Deep chocolate (Satin)

-Double Feature #4: Deep forest green (Veluxe Pearl) / Mid-tone ochre brown (Matte)

-Double Feature #5: Pale frosty peach (Frost) / Dark brown with green pearl (Frost)

-Double Feature #6: Light grey taupe (Matte) / Mid-tone bronze (Veluxe Pearl)

-Double Feature #7: Bright fuchsia (Frost) / Cool black (Satin)

-Double Feature #8: Mid-tone orange (Frost) / Deep navy (Satin)

Technakohl Liner ($18.00 CND/ $15.00 USD)
-Graphblack (Rich Graphic Black)
-Photogravure (Soft Black /w Brown Undertone)
-Purple Dash (Deep Aubergine)
-Auto-de-Blu (Amethyst)
-Uniform (Deep Khaki Green /w Gold Pearl)
-Jade Way (Purple Emerald Green /w Frost)

Zoom Lash ($18.00 CND/ $15.00 USD)
-Zoomblack (Rich Black)

-222 Tapered Blending Brush ($35.00 CND/ $29.00 USD)
-275 Medium Angled Shading Brush ($29.50 CND/ $24.50 USD)

I'm personally looking forward to Double Feature #2 & #7. Looks like a pretty cute collection. Only thing I'm not loving is the price, however that's typical of MAC. Aside from that I like this collection, and wish I could get them all. :)

Peace & Luv

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