August 1, 2011

Sephora Eyeliners

A couple weeks ago I had placed a order to Sephora. I was looking to try out Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but also picked up a few eyeliners along the way. Sephora was selling their liners for $1.00 each, so of course I couldn't resist. I got myself a bunch of jumbo eyeliners, and a few standard size ones, both of which come in a great selection of colors.


For more pictures & information about the liners follow the link below...

Jumbo Eyeliner Pencils: (Sale: $1.00, Originally: $6.00) These fat liners are packed with color and apply very smoothly to the eye, however unlike Nyx Jumbo Pencils, they do not blend out very well. The makeup goes stiff and doesn't want to spread, as looses a lot of it's color. Aside from that it makes a great liner.




Flashy Eyeliner Pencils: (Sale: $1.00, regularly: $8.00) These flashy bright eyeliners, not only great bright pastel color, but are also waterproof and very long lasting. These liners apply smoothly to the eye, and blend out much better then the jumbo pencils. I would have liked to invest in more shades of these pencils, but they were sold out, for good reason. 
(Top-Bottom) Flashy Mauve, Flashy Ultra Green, Flashy Green

Flashy Ultra Green, Flashy Mauve, Flashy Green
You can head over to to check out these eyeliners, or use your iPhone app to shop and get great discounts and special offers.

Can wait to use these liners in a bunch of diffrent looks. Happy creating!

Peace & Luv

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