August 7, 2011

Sleek Makeup's Acid iDivine Palette Review

As I have mentioned several times on my twitter I have been waiting for my Sleek Makeup Acid iDivine Palette to arrive on my door step. Unfortunately Sleek Makeup does not ship to Canada so I was forced to purchase it from eBay. Either way, due to mail strike it had taken quite a while to get to me. Point being I have it now, and am super excited to share with you. :)


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To be completely honest I first saw this palette when xSparkage did her amazing Electro Candy look with it. So awesome. I knew once I saw the colors on the eye and in the palette I had to have it. I looked Sleek Makeup up online. I really liked what I saw and will probably look into more of there palettes and products.


You can pick the Sleek Makeup Acid iDivine Palette for around $10.00.
(As said previously, unfortunately they don't ship to Canada. You can find these palettes on eBay as well.)

The Sleek Makeup Acid iDivine Palette features 12 colors, all ranging from neon to black'n blue. I found all the shades to be very pigmented and easy to swatch, aside from the neon colors. The neon colors took a little more effort to apply. However I used the neon pink this morning and it applied well, as well as lasted all day. I must say these shades are beautiful. I really love these colors. The neon colors apply matte. The rest of the shades apply a shiny shimmer finish, with tons of color as well.

(The swatches where done in groups of four. Purples & Greens, Neons, Black'n Blues.)

Purple's & Greens

Black'n Blues
I'm really happy I invested in this palette and hope to try more. Sleek Makeup has a whole bunch of pre-assembled palettes to choose from. I hope this has sparked your interest. A look to match the palette will be coming soon!

Peace & Luv


  1. I have been drooling over this palette for a while now, but we can't get it in the U.S. due to stupid FDA regulations. The swatches look awesome and I can't wait to see what looks you come up with. :)

  2. Thanks! :) Im pretty sure its the same reasoning here too. Pretty lame. :( Thats why I love eBay and private sales. lol.