August 7, 2011

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

Your full-coverage insurance policy against eye shadow fading, creasing, and melting. Our silicone-based eyeshadow primer transforms any eye shadow into a perfectly blendable, color-drenched, intensified version of itself, then locks it down perfectly until you take it off. Our skin soothing formula evens out the skin tone on your lids and smoothes out lines while it secures a barrier between the oils of your skin and your makeup, so no shadow catastrophes will ever happen again.

I have been wanted to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance for the longest time. I was waiting for the base I was using to run out. I finally got my chance and picked it up from Sephora about a week ago.

So far the Too Faced Shadow Insurance is working wonders. The product itself is a neutral cream color. Blends colorless onto the eye, so there is no need to worry about skin tone. It blends in very smooth and silky. I am also happy to report it does not leave a gresey feeling like some eyeshadow bases.

Once apply shadows, and loose colors apply seemlessly. Too Faced Shadow Insurance helps to prevent creasing, and moving of the shadow. While using this product I have found my eyeshadow to last all day, as well as keeping most, if not all of it's color.


You can pick it up on the Too Faced website, or at Sephora. They go for $18.00 a tube. (Majority of the time Too Faced had some kind of package deal including the Shadow Insurance.)

I really like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and would recomend it to anyone who does thier makeup every morning. This will help to give a clean soild eye all day long!

Next to try... Glitter Glue & Lip Insurance

Peace & Luv


  1. Hi there! My name is Janny and I'm so glad I found your blog! Your style is so fun and colorful. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Hi Janny. Thank you for following my blog. :) Im glad you like it. If you like color, you'll probably like the look Im going to post today.

    Thanks again.