September 28, 2011

Crews & Tangos: Sunday Night /w DIVINESQUE!!

Last Sunday I went out!! (Ha, that should be enough of a post. I actually left home!) Last Sunday I went out with my lovely friends Adina, Christina, and Selvana. We went down Toronto (Church St) to meet up with our other lovely friends Bryan, James, and Gloria at a bar called Crews & Tangos.

Crews & Tangos is this super rad gay bar. I'm not too sure of there regular schedule but I know they do a drag show every Sunday night starting at 9pm and my friend Bryan is usually one of the stars!

This was my very first experience going to a gay bar. I was super excited and happy I didn't have to go alone. :/ Going to Crews & Tangos was such a refreshing ass backwards experience...

I have never gone to a bar or a club where I don't have to tell at least one guy to fuck off. (Sorry guys.) I didn't have to do it once here! Everyone that came up to us was a super sweet heart. Just wanted to chat or dance. It was everything big, colorful, latex and sequins.

What I loved most about Crews and Tangos was that its a place ANYONE can go to. All different ages, genders, shapes and sizes. A place to be who ever the fuck you want to be and get away with it. Pure acceptance is beautiful. <3

The whole reason we headed over to this particular bar was because my friend Bryan is really Divinesque. He is a drag queen, and a damn good one at that. I could never run up and down that stage the way he does. His heels were amazing, but sky high. My ass would have fallen right over.

Some of these drag queens where a lot older then me, but looked amazing. One queen looked just like Diana Ross, absolutely beautiful, outstanding really. Adina and I were hella jealous of the boob factor. We're woman, and we don't have em that nice. lol. I give mad props to those out there on Sunday night. You ladies were rocked the show and should be extremely proud! <3

So the reason I am blogging about it on War Paint is; One, I just want to get the word out about these awesome people and there super fun shows. Two, Bryan was kind enough to bring me back stage to check out the dressing room, his make-up and meet another performer. (I felt like a very lucky girl.)

It was truly exceptional to finally see Bryan in all of this Divinesque makeup/ glory. Crazy transformation. In creating this transformation, there is A LOT of work. I know that it takes Bryan anywhere between 2-3 hours to apply his makeup for a show, including covering eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, rhinestones & gems, glitter, and lashes. His great friend Gloria, is his dresser, helping with any corsets, dresses, shoes, jewellery and much more.

I am hoping to actually sit with Bryan on day while he applies all of this Divinesque makeup. Once I do, (with his permission) I will post a list of all products used, as well as what are some of his favorite or go to items. Then of course as many pictures and I can take.



(Im not in all the pix. James (Bryans fabolous husband) & I were taking all the pictures.)

If you would like to check out Divinesque, which I highly suggest you do, you can find her on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. (Plz use common sense, this probably isn't for kids.)

We had a amazing time meeting new faces, singing and dancing the night away. Thank you Bryan for such a amazing time. I can't wait to come out again. I love you and your beautiful soul! I'm so happy to have you as someone I can call my friend. Thank you for walking into my life!!

Can't wait to go back!

Peace & Love


A young guy I met there reminded us beauty comes from the inside. Ive never heard something so true.