September 23, 2011

Today's Look... Yellow Cat Eyes

Today's look was inspired from two things. One being that fact it's already Fall, and my favorite holiday, which isn't really a holiday Halloween is fast approaching, fitting right in theme with the Yellow Cat Eye. (Yellow being the shade of shadow and cat being the crazy liner.) The second reason being, and truly the original reason, is this craptacular weather we have today. It is so grey, dark and gloomy. Sometime I do like these rainy days, but today I am not feeling it. I wanted to do a really bright, and out there look to contrast the day.

This look had to do with a lot of experimentation. I just wanted something boardering edgy and fun.

Note: I don't think I would actually wear the lip stick out, its a little bit too pale for my liking. Once I went to work I replaced the lipstick in the photos with a nice pink.

Here's what I came up with...


For more pix and a list of products used follow the link...

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Sugar Pill Pressed Shadows (Buttercupcake, Bulletproof, and Tako)
-E.L.F Eyeliner Pencil (Midnight)
-E.L.F Eyeliner Pen (Black)
-Million Lashes Mascara


-Gosh Velvet Touch Primer
-MAC Pressed Powder (Her Own Devices)
-MAC Cooling Powder (Truth & Light)
-NARS Blush (Orgasm)
-Color Shop (Pink)

-Modern Basic Beauty Lip Liner (Whipped Pink)
-Lime Crime Lipstick (Great Pink Planet)
-MAC Lipglass (All My Purple Life)
-MAC Lipglass (Wrong Spell)



I also did another rendition of this look, with of course a couple twists. I am hoping to post that later on today. :)

I hope this brightened your day, if your having a gloomy one like mine.

Peace & Luv

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