September 12, 2011

Urban Decay: Quickie; Afterglow Check Tint Review

Finally! Sheer, buildable cheek tints that glide on and feel weightless – (never heavy or greasy like your grandma’s cream blush). Our techy-feeling tint applies effortlessly on top of any foundation or bare skin… no pulling or rubbing needed to make it look right. And you’ll never get that powdery, cakey look that sometimes comes from powder blush. Our modern, yummy shades include a shameless hot pink, a super-healthy berry and natural peachy tints, to name a few. The formula is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, so your skin gets nourished and protected. The color goes on more sheer than it looks in the pan, but since its so buildable, YOU control how much you want to blush. We also love to blend two shades together to mimic a natural flushed effect. Whether you’ve been a fan of cream blush in the past or not, the shades, the silky formula and the little foil snake on the top of our compact will definitely make you a believer.

Included in a lot of my Sephora shopping experiences comes samples. Some I could care less about and other actually excite me to try. This sample was one of the few I was actually looking forward to. I got a sample for Urban Decays Afterglow Cream Blush. Unlike many blushes this one is cream based allowing you to place color exactly where you want, and build up the color on your cheeks.

This sample came in a very tiny little dot, with the signature Urban Decay purple paper wrapped around it. The shade I received is called Quickie. Quickie is bright barbie pink.


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The blush itself is like any other cream based blush. It is smooth to the touch, and glides onto your skin. Its nice to say that this cream wasn't hard to blend out, and it didn't stain your skin. It also doesn't feel heavy or tacky. However as beautiful as this hot pink is, I found it very hard to actually see the color once applied to skin. Even when doing my swatches I packed on color and still didn't get the result I was looking for. I was slightly disappointed.

First Application
Packing on the color


Maybe this shade wasn't my color? You can find this shade along with six others on the Urban Decay website or at Sephora. They are usually priced at $24.00. Proud to say this product was made cruelty free!
Shade: Quickie
 I still love cream blushes, I just think you need to find the right one for you, just like any makeup.
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Peace & Luv


  1. I actually think it looks quite pretty and natural on you, maybe for a simple lazy day makeup look? :)

  2. Thank you. :) I agree. You are right. It is nice for a natural look. I think I was just surprised, cuz it wasn't what I expected. Its probably a good thing to other people, its not neon pink blush. lol.