October 11, 2011

Fantasy Makers 2011 Halloween Nail Color

Fantasy Makers nail polish was created by the makers of Wet'n Wild. They released there new Halloween polish colors about a month ago. (Sometime in September.)

These polishes have to be some of the cutest I have every seen for Halloween. Every bottle has the R.I.P Grave Stone as the lid, perfect for the occasion.

I managed to some of Fantasy Makers nail polish at my local Shoppers Drugmart, however I'm sure you can find them at any drug or beauty supply store. They go for anywhere between $3-$5.

The Fantasy Makers not only focuses on nail polish but also Halloween makeup including cream colors, glitter eyeliners, false eyelashes, glitter spray, and lipstick.

For more pictures and info follow the link below...

This year Fantasy Makers came out with 4 nail colors (as far as I know, I had a lot of trouble finding the info on it.) The colors are as follows; Night Glow, Purple Potion, Black Magic, & Creepy Pumpkin.

The two colors I got are Night Glow and Purple Potion, however if I see it I will also be picking up Creepy Pumpkin, because it's unlike any orange I have seen before.

Night Glow: The brightest glow in the dark shade I have ever seen! This color is your typical glow in the dark greeny-yellow, but can be seen from the moon!


Purple Potion: A black nail polish, with tiny pink/purple glitters through out. It has actually become one of my favorite nail polish shades. (I love black polish, but the built in pink glitter just makes it that much more better... and me!)


Black Magic: A black nail polish with tiny multi-color glitter in it. (Different then Black Magic from previous years)

Creepy Pumpkin: A bright orange jelly polish with clear/orange glass glitter. Very iridescent. Beautiful look.

You should roll or 'shake' all polishes before use, however make sure to mix Night Glow really well. I found some of the polish in the bottle separates from each other, needing a really good mixing, to get that really bright to the moon color. Aside from that I found both of the polishes to be very easy to apply & dried in a good amount of time. Purple Potion's glitter was not chunky and sharp, it applied and dried smoothly to the nail.

I had both of these colors swatched out on nails, but my camera sucks so bad that it wont pick up the pink-purple sparkle in Purple Potion, so my swatches will have to wait. (I actaully just painted my nails with Night Glow.

I hope this quick review inspires you to create some wild hallo ween nails this year. The one day of the year you can get away with looking like anything.

Peace & Luv

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