October 30, 2011

Halloween Blogs & Videos

Hey ladies & jellybeans,

I hope everyone has been enjoying October. As we dive further and further into October I am seeing more and more makeup looks, nails look & designs, as well as Halloween ideas, popping up everywhere. Exactly what I love to see considering Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

Today's blog is all about sharing with you some of the awesome Halloween ideas and looks I have seen over the past month Maybe you will see something that inspires you to try something new this Halloween. :)

For looks/ideas follow the link below...

I Have A Cupcake: Liz creates super cute, and super do-able Halloween nail art. She has over a dozen designs, and something for every ones liking. My favorite video is the Halloween Monster Nail Art, but all are worth a peek. Halloween Nail Art Playlist

Jangsara: Jangsara creates amazing looks on the daily. (lol) She is a amazing artist, and has been creating some pretty awesome Halloween looks. Here are a couple different looks she has broken down step by step.
MAC Halloween Zombie Chic
Broken Doll
Royal Sugar Skull
Plus many more!

Meliney: Meliney also creates rad nail art, and has created a couple with tombstones and pumpkins.
Pumpkin Patch
Grave Digger

Cute Polish: Cute Polish is probably one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. She gives you easy to do nails, that aren't too over the top, and are super wearable.
Spider Webs
Spooky Bats
Halloween Plaid

Petrilude: Last but most certainly not least if you want see some rad videos for Halloween you need to check out Petrilude. He does some bomb makeup, and some gory Halloween looks and applications. If you are a true Halloween fun seeker, check out his YouTube account, Petrilude's Channel

You can find all kinds of nail, hair, and makeup ideas all over the Internet. Take inspiration from anything, and get super creative. There really is no way to go wrong. Its Halloween, the time of the year when it is actually excepted to walk around half dead.

I hope everyone has a happy & safe Halloween! :)

Peace & Luv

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