October 31, 2011

Today's Look...Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope everyone had a awesome Halloween this year, with tons of candy!

I was sadly disappointed when I found a lack of people and effort put into Halloween. I think it's crazy sad that a yearly tradition is being ruined because of many different reasons, some of which I really prefer not to dive into. It's just disappointing having only a handful of kids come to your door, when you remember going out and people would run out of candy before the night was through. Line ups at doors!! (lol)

Regardless of what everyone else did, I dressed up. Which included my makeup, of course. This year I dressed up as a zombie or dead girl? Bridesmaid? :/

This year I decided to go with a pre-planed look. Not that I don't plan my Halloween look out every year, but this year I had gone with something someone else created. (I tweaked my version for what I was looking for.) It was a face map from MAC that Jangsara had re-created and posted on her blog. (Thank you!) I loved it so much, and Jangsara did such a amazing job at showing how it was created that I had to try it.

Here is a link to her blog to check out her (much better) amazing version... here.


For info on my contact lenses click here.

For a list of products I used, and more pictures follow the link below...
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Sugar Pill Pressed Shadow (Love+ & Bulletproof)
-Avon Glimmer Stick (Black)
-Million Lashes (Black)
-Yellow UV Contact Lenses

-White Water Color Face Paint
-Sugar Pill Pressed Shadow (Tako & Bulletproof) or you could use baby powder for white powder.

Lips: (Not worn in photos)
-MAC Lipglass (Wrong Spell)



I hope everyone had a very spoooooooky, but safe Halloween. It's so much fun when people let there imagination run wild! I would love to see your Halloween makeup or costume. Feel free to comment below, or email in the side bar.

Peace & Luv


  1. Ah! Green and pink is a fantastic combination. And I agree; I didn't have any trick or treaters! It was the first time that's ever happened!

  2. very cool! I love the contacts. I was tempted to buy contacts for my zombie make up this year, but I think I'm too much of a wuss to actually put them in!

    We didn't have any trick or treaters this year, not 1!!