October 3, 2011

Nails... China Glaze's Iguana Blue

This weeks nail color of choice was a blue. I find I have all these ideas about colors during the week for my nails and once I go to do them, I draw a blank??

My color today is by China Glaze and it is called Iguana Blue. It is a beautiful bright blue with tiny blue sparkles. Its a shade I would call a honest and true blue. Iguana Blue is from the Island Escape (2011) collection.

Both of my pinky fingers have Black Mesh Crackle (also by China Glaze) on top of the Iguana Blue. I didn't really like the way it had turned out so I chose to do only the two fingers. (I find the trick with crackle is to make sure you use a really bright color underneath. I like to use neon's. The crackle will tone down the color.)

Here is what it looks like...

Just simple blue nails. I really like this shade of blue on its own, but will probably jazz them up more later this week.

Peace & Luv

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