November 30, 2011

IMATS HAUL!! Nyx: Jumbo Pencils & Liquid Liners Review

At IMATS as mentioned in my 'IMATS Toronto Experience' blog, there was a huge Nyx section. I was in dyer need of more Jumbo Eye Pencils so that is where I headed first. While checking them out, I spotted their Studio/ Crystal Liquid Liners, which once I saw them knew I should try.


For more pictures, swatches and pricing follow the link below...

Jumbo Eye Pencil: Eyeshadow and eyeliner all in one with creamy easy to blend formula that glides on like silk and lasts all day. Also works great as a base for eyeshadow. Reg $5.99

Studio/ Crystal Liquid Liner: Highly pigmented, thin brushed, liquid liner provides precise, bold, intense matte or sparkling colour. Reg $7.50

When it came to Nyx Jumbo Pencils I got myself a refill of my favorite, and most used color, Milk. I also got a very light blue called Baby Blue (606)  & a dark, almost black called Slate (615). I have used all three colors and love them all equally. Milk is awesome for right under your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. It works as a great, bright base for your highlight. Baby Blue looks great if you use it as a base, and apply white shadow on top of it. It shines through the white and gives a muted blue color. I used slate as a quick and easy base for smokey eyes. All colors blend out very easily, and allow color to be applied on top of them. **Must have for my makeup kit.***

When I got to the liquid liners I basically went with the first thing that jumped out at me. I had never used Nyx liquid liners before so anything I picked was trial and error. The first shade that jumped out at me was was  a bright blue called Extreme Blue (01). The next shade I went with was a matte deep purple called Extreme Plum Purple (12). The next liner is actually a Crystal Liquid Liner called Crystal Gold (01). All liners work very well, and last all day. The only minor problem I have run into is dry time, which is just a matter of Patience. It does however take 30 seconds - 1 min so it is a little long. I really like the tips of the liner wands. They are tiny little brushes, not those form sponge tips.


You can check out all of Nyx Cosmetics here...

Peace & Luv


  1. I have been meaning to buy that milk pencil for ages now! I'm hoping to go to IMATS london in february, I've not been before but am dying to.

  2. You should gooo! Its worth it. A lot of products are discounted, and its intresting just for the information you'll get, and the new things you'll see.

    I recomend the Milk Jumbo Pencil to anyone. I think it makes a great base for any bright colors or your highlite.