November 15, 2011

The IMATS Toronto Experience 2011

Oh my, what a experience IMATS was this year...

2011 was the first year I was able to enjoy IMATS. Our day started out in the wrong direction, literally. Thinking that IMATS would be held at the Convention Center in Toronto that's where we headed at 9am. Once we got on the subway, we found that the subway was not running from Bloor to Union, so we were forced to get off and take a shuttle the rest of the way. Once we finally got to the convention center we realized IMATS was not there. My dumb ass took everyone to the wrong place!! It was being held at the congress center, much closer to home. (Go me!! Woot. lol.)

After realizing my tragic but kinda funny/frustrating mistake we headed back on the shuttle, subway, and highway to our real destination. Once we finally arrived at IMATS I was over joyed to see all the beautiful artistry, and products. I was also surprised to see that it was a lot smaller then the Hair Show. I also found a lot staple companies missing, that I had assumed would be there.

In my first 15 minutes of being there I had basically spent all my money. What a dangerous thing, and lesson learned. Save much further ahead next year. lol. Among the first booths I saw were MAC, Makeup Forever, Crown Brushes, NYX, NARS, & OCC.

To read about more of my adventure please follow the linkage below...
MAC of course had the biggest crowd around it. I decided to skip MAC and head back later, which I was so happy I did. I was disappointed to see that MAC had no special offer or anything new to share. They basically had there Pro stuff out for regular price.
Next we headed over to Crown. They had all of there amazing brushes on display, for there amazing prices. I love Crown Brushes because you get the quality your looking for at the price you want to pay. My sister went crazy at the Crown booth! :)

I spotted NYX next and headed over. They had everything they offer out and ready to be purchased. I like the way they set up there area. Gave a lot of people plenty of space to choose what they wanted. Everyone was not squeezed into a little corner. All there products were discounted from regular price, which is amazing because NYX products are already hella cheap. NYX was a lot of fun.

After NYX I found myself at the NARS booth. To be honest I really didn't spend too much time there, I was too worried about making it over to Makeup Forever. The NARS booth was really tiny, and I didn't notice too much product being sold, or shown. They may have been sold out?

I couldn't wait any longer and ran over to Makeup Forever. This would have been the first time I have ever purchased anything from Makeup Forever, but defiantly not the first time I have wanted to. Makeup Forever had a lot of cool products on display. A lot neons, and UV stuff, which of course is right up my alley. Unfortunately due to me going on the Sunday, they were sold out of a lot of product. I still managed to find a lot of what I was looking for.

Next up was the lovely OCC. I want to say the girl who helped me at OCC was probably the nicest person I had spoken to all day. I don't know your name, but shout out to you. You were awesome. There was actually one point where I was waiting to pay at Makeup Forever, but ran over to OCC to get her to hold me some polish. Haha, :) I was happy to see that they still had a lot of there lip tars but polishes were sold out, and that's what I was mainly going for. (They aren't allowed to mail them into Canada so this was my chance. Boooo!) All in all OCC was a awesome stop.

I really didn't shop too much anywhere else. There were a lot of names I had never heard before, but defiantly would look into there product. Next year I would like to make a list of people to check out, and actually be able to sit down and watch some demos. Next year I am hoping to be more organized all together. lol.

My cousin got her eyes done by two different artist. One was leopard print, while the other was bands of blue and gold. When I first got to the trade show my phone died, and I hadn't thought to bring a camera. Wish I had visuals to share!!

I will be posting a blog(s) soon about my haul. There was too much to include on one blog. They will all be popping up sometime this week. :)

Thank you to the lovely's who weren't with me this year. (Love you!)

I was so excited I'm still wearing my IMATS wristband from entry. If you got to come out hope you had a awesome time too. If not, maybe we will see you next year!

Peace & Luv

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