February 7, 2012

Sugar Pill's False Lashes

"No look is complete without a pair of fantastic lashes to enhancge those gorgeous eyes of yours! False lashes are the quickest, easiest way to open up your eyes and make them appear infinitely larger. Once you try our fabulous falsies, you'll wonder how you lived without them!" (SugarPill Website)

More then a couple weeks ago Sugar Pill began to carry a whole new wider variety of false eyelashes. They range from natural to super funky, and are at a price point that is very affordable.

Sugar Pill now carries 19 different types of lashes, plus individual lashes & adhesive (Duo). They range in color as well as material. (Natural human hair to synthetic.)

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For more information head over to http://www.sugarpillshop.com/, where you can also purchase these wicked lashes.

They range in price from $5-$8 US.

So excited to get myself a pair. I could use a natural pair but fall in love with the crazy glamors ones every time. Love, love, love Sugar Pill's style & flare. Hope you like it too!

Peace & Luv

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  1. there really neat looking eyelashes and I do like em allot.
    Thanks for sharing on facebook for me to see this.
    Thanks. One <3 !