May 30, 2012

China Glaze's Aquadelic Nails

Today was finally the day I went to get my nails filled. I had waited 2 weeks so you can imagine how grown out they were. :/

I always love trying new colors, especially blues. I think it's because I hate working with blues in my makeup, so I just wear it on my nails.

This weeks polish is called Aquadelic. It is made by China Glaze. This shade was included in the Electropop Spring 2012 collection.

I personally love the color. It is very bright & blue. It applies very well, even on the first coat. I love a shade that basically jumps off your nails. This color is a perfect example of that. Dry time is the same as any other China Glaze polish.

I look forward to trying my dark blue shatter polish on top of this shade. I think dark crackles or shatters look best on a light/bright background.

Here is a couple pictures of my nails. I will post more one I apply the Blue shatter.


Next I hope to post my review for a couple shades from the new Spider Man Collection, as well as a couple colors from the new Minnie Mouse Collection.

Peace & Luv

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