May 29, 2012

Update: Face Painting & Prom Season

Ello everyone.

I know that I have not been around these past few months. Truthfully more like since the beginning of the year. I think this has been a combination of actually being busy, and plain laziness at times. I think I actually needed a break for a little while there, and I just let that break drag on far too long.

I have quiet a few blogs I am hoping to post very soon. First I wanted to update you all on my latest project; Face Painting.  This coming weekend at work we are having quite a few children come in from out Jr. Program. They are having a end of the year beach party, and I was asked if I would do some face painting. I thought this could be a fun challenge  that would only make me better at what I already love doing.

I had to start from scratch when it came to makeup and brushes. To be completely honest I am still not completely ready for this Sunday. I still need to buy many more brushes, as well as a couple little things I want to add. However, I have been practising since I got my product in the mail. I decided to order from Diamond FX. I got almost every basic color they had in the 32g pans. I will also be using my UV Dayglow Palette from Kryolan, as well as different types of makeup safe sparkles & glitter.

Here is a couple pictures of me practising. My poor boyfriend, Evan was kind enough to let me paint his face.


I will be sure to post lots of pictures of the kids. I am kinda nervous but super excited at the same time. I think my biggest worry is my timing. I'm sure Ill have quite a few kids to go through and only 2 hours or so to do so.

If anyone knows of any websites that have simple face painting idea's for kids, please comment below. I would love to check them out.

Also I'm excited to say I will be doing Taylor's, a co-worker of mine, makeup for prom on Friday night. She wants to keep her look very natural, but I'm going to see if we can glam it up a bit for prom. I again will make sure to post lots of pictures. Well, as many as she will let me take. ;)

Peace & Luv


  1. These look pretty good! Make sure to take lots of pictures!

  2. lol. Thanks. This is just me trying it for the first time. I will make sure to post about how it goes. My biggest worry is still how long it will take me per child. :/