May 3, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Nail Polish Review

A couple days ago I got my hair cut & dyed at the salon, Fringe my sister works at. (I will post pictures of my hair when it is completely done.)

Fringe usually has some sort of display or bin of nail polish by China Glaze or OPI. To my surprise they had a couple colors I was looking for. One of them being the bright green from the Minaj collection.

Today I will be reviewing 3 polishes from the collection. (Did It On Em, Super Bass Shatter, & Save Me)
Follow the link below for review & pictures...
Over all I was very happy with the colors of the Minaj collection. Although I haven't had the chance to try them all I know OPI polish is quite promising. I like there polish formula. Glides nicely onto the nails. The polish is not too runny, or watered down. Dry time is the same, as compared to any other polish.

Did It On Em: I love this shade of bright, almost yellow-green. It covers very well. After doing one coat on the my sample nail I didn't really need a second. You will not have to layer this polish to let the actual shade shine through. I also think it can be a pretty cool combination with the Super Bass Shatter.

Super Bass Shatter: This is probably one of my favorite shatters coming from OPI. It is a purple shatter. Depending on what color you apply underneith depends on what shade of purple you will get. Also if you look closely, there are tiny little purple sparkles through out the shatter. This shatter can be used with any nail polish. I think it looks best with a bright color underneith because the shatter is so dark. I think it looks good with the 'Did It On Em' (green) polish, as well as 'Pink Friday' (pink) polish.

Save Me: This is a silver sparkle polish with long glitter/sparkles, that pick up every color of the rainbow depending on how the light hits it. It actually reminds me of when I was younger. I used to have blue, pink & green sparkle polishes that were the line sparkles. I haven't had a polish like that in a long time. The only thing I would change about the actual polish would be taking out some of the pure silver glitter polish. Sometimes I think it over powers the other glitter.



I wish I had jumped on this collection when it first came out because there really was a lot of lovely colors in the Nicki Minaj polish group. I would love to get my hands on 'Pink Friday' or 'Fly'. 

Altogether this collection is a lot of fun. It gives you a lot of mix & match options, which is always great. Hope this has inspired you to check out the collection. 

Peace & Luv

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