December 1, 2012

Finally attending school... Complections College of Makeup Art & Design

I have been meaning to write this blog for quite sometime and just couldn't find the time, or space to sit down and write it.

I basically want to explain why I haven't posted very much in the last few months. I believe I may have spoken about attending school in past entry's but have not fully explained or spoke about what I've learned so far. 

Starting on Oct 1st 2012 I began to attend a school in Toronto called Complections. This school specializes in make-up art and design. I have chosen their 26 week Comprehensive course which will cover Fashion Photographic make-up, Film & Television make-up, Theatrical make-up, Facial Hair & Knotting, Prosthetic make-up, and a short course on styling hair.

So far I have completed my the 3 week hair course, and 6 week fashion photographic course. I have already learned so much more about make-up and the application. The first course I took at the school was hair. Since hair really isn't my strong suit I did have some difficulties in the class. There was definitely moments where I wanted to give up and wondered if I could even do it. I come to understand and realize how important it is to have hair skills when doing freelance make-up in Toronto. It will be something I will definitely have to continue on practising. Through out our 3 weeks in hair I took a few different pictures of up do's and styling we did in class, as well as my final fantasy hair project.

Fantasy Hair

My next course was Fashion Photographic make-up. I was excited to finally be starting makeup. In Fashion we learned the fundamentals of applying a clean fresh day look, and how important it is to have flawless skin. We then went of classic looks such as natural "day" face, smokey eye, winged eyeliner, simple washes of color, ect. We then went over the signature make-up looks from different decades. Starting at the 1920's and working up to 1970's. We also touched on bold and wild runway looks. During this time we learned about the different features of the face and how to address them specificity. At the end of our course we are given one day where we are supplied models and are given the opportunity to have a photo shoot. These photos are then developed and blown up to be used in our portfolios.

My Reference File

1920's Model: Emily
1950's Model: Jessica

1960's Model: Alina

1970's Model: Jessica

Runway Model & Design: Coral
Runway Diana & I 

We were given a magazine photo
and told to recreate the look.
Model: Sam
Pop Practical Simple & Pretty
 Model: Katrina

Model: Amy

So far I have had a lot of fun attending Complections. Everyone has been so awesome, and so much fun to work with. I have made some awesome new friends and hope to create some life long connections. :)


Next week we will be starting our week of Facial Hair & Knotting. This is something I have never done in my whole life so I am interested to see how I will do. A whole new learning experience. 

So in the grand scheme of thing I wish I could be blogging more. I have recently bought new products that I am dying to blog about but it has been difficult to find the time. I hope to continue to update on school, and have some fresh new blogs rollin out soon.

Peace & Luv


  1. Hey! I am very interested in going to this school. The tuition fees are quite intimidating though! Do you really get what you pay for? Any regrets? Did you have any experience going to school for makeup or hair before you took this program? I am well practiced on myself and friends and have artistic talent, but having no professional training makes me nervous still! Eeee, reading this blog post made me so excited!!!!

    my blog is if you get time to check it out! Also been too busy to post much lately but it's always a work in progress!

    1. Hey Sarah,

      I truly enjoyed my time at Complections. I learned so much about make up and how to do things with make up I thought I would never be able to do. Yes, the programs are very expensive but worth it in the end. I graduated in April. If you are driven and able to push yourself you can find work when you get out of school, however like many other industry you need to put your time in and work your way up.

      All I can say is Complections is one of the best make up schools in North America. If you want to be the best you should learn from some of the best, right? All of the teachers have hands on working experience & not only teach you about make up but etiquette on set & how to actually prepare for jobs.

      If you are able you should definitely take a tour of the school. The tour is free. You can ask any questions you want. If my blog got you pumped about school, actually go there. You'll see what I mean.

      I hope this helps. I would love to know if you end up enrolling. What program were you looking at?

  2. hey im looking to attend to complections aswell but at times i feel a little intimidated mainly because of the tuition fee. apart from that do they expect you to be very good at doing makeup before you go there? ;$ . im confident that this is what i want as a career & i am passionate about it but when there is that amount of money involved it trigers the doubts here and there

  3. The owner of the school is a corrupt bully. I would go elsewhere.

  4. I am attending cmu college 14th of september and I am so excited! did you go for the 32 week program? I am a little nervous for not "being good enough" though....

    1. Hey Kristen,

      Dont be afraid of not being good enough. That will only hold you back. They will teach you the basics from the begining. All do can do is your very best & Im sure you will do awesome. Have fun & be positive! :) If you ever need help or have questions email me.

  5. Is it a fairly easy school to get accepted into? I have a true passion for this field of work, and I am truly certain this is the path I would like to take. But due to some very serious issues during the first semester of my grade 11 year, I couldn't show my full potential academically, resulting in some really bad grades. They improved at the end of that year and are seeming to be great this year as well. But would those grades prevent me from being accepted, and would I have the opportunity to explain my temporary academic downfall to admissions?