October 3, 2013

Nails... How To: Water Marbling

Water Marbling nails is a fun and easy way to create colourful and detailed designs. You can use any colors to create multiple designs.


These designs are always created randomly however colors can be layered in different ways to create a different look.

For a list of items you will need to create this design, as well instructions on how to create it follow the link below...

Tools & Products:
-Three different shades of nail polish (It is best if these polishes are not matte or quick drying. They should also be runny enough to drip off the nail polish brush.)
-One Clear Coat or Clear Sparkle Polish
-A cup with room temperature water
-Clear Tape
-Needle or thin pointed object
-Paper Towel

1. Paint your nails in the base color. Feel free to do a couple coats. Allow to completely dry.

2. Start by taping around your nails. This will help with clean up after your done painting. Curve one piece of tape from one side of your nail to the other, along the top. Then tape a strip across the bottom below your cuticle.

3. Next you will want to open all the polish bottles you are using. Depending on how you want to layer your color will depend on how many times you dip your nails. You can a) Use one color and a clear coat to create one pattern and then layer another color on top. Or b) Apply multiple colors at once. It will all depend on what type of design you are looking for. You will have to experiment to see what you like.

4. Take your first color of polish and allow it to drip in the glass of water. Just one drop of polish into the centre of the glass. The drop should spread out across the water. At this point you should drip your next color in the centre of the glass, until you have form multiple rings. Remember to try to work quickly. The polish tends to dry quickly on the surface of the water. Again you may have try several times until you get your technique down.


5. Next take your needle or pointed object and run it through the polish on the surface of the water. This will run and blend the polish together creating your design.

6. Choose what spot of the design you prefer. Remembering to move quickly dip your finger directly into the glass over your preferred part of the design. Keep your finger submerged in the water while you take a q-tip and clean up the extra polish still on the surface of the water. (Simply dip the q-tip in the water and spin the q-tip.)

7. Now you can remove your finger from the water. You can unwrap your fingers any time, just be careful not to smudge your marbling design. Your nails should dry quite quickly


I absolutely love the water marbling look. I think it is such a fun and unique design. I love that every single nail is different. Once you get the hang of this technique I promise it is easy and is worth the trouble of taping your nails.

If you have any question please feel free to comment below.

Peace & Luv

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