April 7, 2014

Anna Sui- #250 Lipstick Review

Recently I worked an event that was sponsored by some fantastic cosmetic company's that I had never gotten the chance to try out. I will have several reviews coming up of various Anna Sui & Stila products.

First up is Anna Sui's #250 lipstick.
This lippie is a shade of purple loaded with pink & purple glitter.

When applied I found it resemble more of a lip gloss. The purple base color of the lipstick really thins & fades out once applied. With that said the sparkles will remain. This is a very sparkly lip shade.


Packaging for this product is absolutely fantastic. So sexy & elegant. Topped with a black rose, these black lipstick tubes are detailed & unique. 


This lipstick goes for around $25 CA. You can find it at Shoppers Drugmart or online.

Peace & Luv

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