May 28, 2014

MAC Maleficent Collection Review

Disney's most iconic villain, brought to life in this summer's epic new film, inspires a limited-edition colour collection in specially designed packaging to delight the most demanding of dark sorceresses. Intensely admired for her evil elegance, despite her efforts to instill fear in the hearts of generations, this icon casts a spell of absolute adoration with sensuous shades so wickedly gorgeous, who needs beauty sleep?

A little over a week ago I was happy to receive my Maleficent collection package from MAC. I was super excited about this particular collection so of course I ordered it the morning it launched online.


This collection was one of the many MAC collections that didn't sell out as a whole. A couple items did which are listed below. A lot of the items included were either already available in some form or variation and were very stylized to the particular look Angelina had worn through out the movie, making it a pretty simple (yet elegant) collection. It is still available online or in select stores.

To find more pictures as well as my full review. Follow the link below...

I purchased only 4 items from the Maleficent collection, now wishing a had purchased a couple more.

Packaging- I enjoyed the glossy black packaging of the Maleficent collection, however I wish there was a little more to it aside from the same black wings and silver font on every container.

Maleficent Lipstick- True Loves Kiss $21.00 CA

I really enjoyed the coloring of this lipstick. This rich red had blue undertones. It was very smooth when applied, and had a glossy finish. I really enjoyed this shade simply because of the blue undertones and finish. I am not always looking for that super glossy look.


Maleficent Pro Longwear Lipglass- Anthruium $25.50 CA

This Pro Longwear Lipglass was a joy to wear. I really enjoyed the pop of red as well as the super glossy finish. I also appreciate that although this lip gloss does not dry, it is not sticky. I have heard a lot of people prefer the lipglass to the lipstick and I can understand why. The lipglass definitely has a red-orange undertone making it more of that typical red lip people are looking for.


Maleficent Beauty Powder- Natural $35.00 CA

This beauty powder is very sheer and light. It has a pink undertone with a shimmery finish. This powder looks lovely on the skin, but really shouldn't be used for any shine control. One thing I love about a beauty powder is it's multiple purpose. I use this shade regularly for a highlight or finishing powder depending on how I feel or the skin tone I happen to be working on. I wish MAC would release more shades in this particular product because it's lovely and a shame everyone can't use it.


Maleficent Sculpting Powder - Sculpt $27.50 CA

I was a little sceptical about the sculpting powder, purely because of the shade. I found that when I was swatching it I was seeing a lot of color pay off, however when I applied it to my face, I fell in love. This is my new favourite contouring shade. I find it to work perfectly on my own face, without it becoming too dark. Also just as a side note this is a permanent item, so it is also available in just pan form. So if your not into all the bells and whistles of the packaging and just want to drop it in a palette that is probably the better way to go.



True Loves Kiss Lipstick & Anthruium Pro Longwear Lipglass

Sculpt Sculpting Powder & Natural Beauty Powder

-Penultimate Eyeliner
-Maleficent Sculpting Powder

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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