February 4, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Since Sally Hansen first released thier Miracle Gel polish I have wanted to try it. I was pretty excited to see what I thought of the product simply because of all the mixed opinons I have heard already. (With that said, I do not base my reviews on any other opinon except for my own. -Just sayin.)

Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish is suppose to give the wearer the look and feel of a gel polish with the covince of being able to do your nails at home without using an LED or UV light to cure the polish. 
When I first heard of this idea I loved it. Quick and easy, but was it too good to be true?

The bottles themselves are pretty standard size (14.7 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) The packaging is simple and straight forwards. Sally Hansen seems to offer a good variety of colors too. 

purchased these polishes at Shoppers Drugmart for $11.99 each. Definitely a little pricy for a bottle of nail polish, however it is suppose to act like a gel polish and should last much longer then a regular nail polish. I feel like for these reasons if the product works, its worth it.

Creme De La Creme (430)
Miracle Gel Top Coat Clear (100)

On the label it says to apply 2 coats of your colored Miracle Gel polish. Then apply a coat of your Miracle Gel Topcoat. 

I applied this exactly on one of my test nails and found the color to streaky and transparent. I tried appling more coats of polish and found it took me 4 coats before I achived the opaqueness I was looking for. I found the drying time between layers of polish to be a little trickly. The layers of polish dry quickly to the touch, however will remain soft for a few hours afterwards so you still need to be careful.

When I applied the topcoat I found 1 coat didnt really give me the amount of shine I wanted. I was disappointed to see the Miracle Gel topcoat wasnt as glossy as I had expected it to be. You may want to apply a second coat. When appling to my own nails I waited a while (45-60 mins) before appling the second clear coat. Again you may have to wait a while for this polish to completely dry.

I also wanted to try and compare a couple things with this polish. At one point I did put one of my test nails under an LED lamp to see if it would dry or cure any faster or stronger. It definitely helped the polish dry faster snd seemed to make it stronger. I also tried comparing the Miracle Gel topcoat to my regular nail polish topcoat. I found that my regular topcoat was just as if not more shiney and glossy then my Miracle Gel topcoat. 

I applied this polish to my toe nails about 5 days ago and they are still polished and looking nice. A couple days into thier wear I did apply an additional top coat to help keep them looking fresh and shiney.

Hope you found this blog helpful. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Peace & Luv

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