March 22, 2015

Nails… Heavenly Angel

few weeks ago I went to get my nails filled and polished. While checking out their selection of nail polishes I discovered the salon had polish by Perfect Match called MoodGel, a color changing nail gel polish. I was, of course very excited about this and had to try it.


When I checked out the ring of sample nails I was happy to find a decent variety of colors. Don’t get me wrong there weren’t a bunch of shades in every color but there was definitely something for everyone. The real magic happened when I ran the sample nails under hot water and watched all the colors change. (The polish is based on temperature and will change depending on if your fingers (nails) are hot or cold.) 

(Above photo is during color change.)

The first time I tried this polish I had my nails painted in a shade called A Bit Chilly. It was a shade of blue that went from a bright blue when warm to a dark blue/black when cold


This time I tried a shade called Heavenly Angel. It’s this beautiful shade of Magenta pink when cold that turns into a creamy white when warm. I have fallen in love with this dramatic transition. I love the fact that this polish goes from bold to neutral. Another thing I love about these Mood Polishes is that once they do start to cross fade they create a beautiful ombre. 

I have tried to purchase these polishes myself but have had a hard time finding them in stores. I have however found them online at places like EBay or Amazon. I have also found them on specialty nail sites. These polishes go for anywhere between $10-$14 US.


Peace & Luv

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