December 27, 2015

Un-BEARABLY Soft Socks - Shea Infused Lounge Socks

This year for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a few pretty cool bathroom or spa themed gifts. One of my favorte ones being a gift from my Aunt. 

She got me a pair of socks called Un-BEARABLY Soft Socks. At first I thought these were the same as any old plushie sock but to my surprise they were not. These socks were soft and nice to lounge arouond the house in but nothing I would ever actually wear out. 

I found out these socks were more then just lounge socks. These socks were actually good for your feet. Un-BEARABLY Soft Socks were special because they are super soft and infused with Shea Butter. The idea behind these socks is that you wear them at night when you are relaxing at home, or when you are going to bed. 

During the time you wear the socks your feet begin to feel soft and smooth. The Shea Butter gets transfered to your feet from the material letting your skin absorb all the great qualities of the cream. The skin on your feet will appear to be more hydrated after the first wear. These cute socks also have littlee round grips on the bottom of each foot to help grip when walking around on smooth floors. To better perserve these grippies they suggest washes your socks inside out.

These socks are 86% nylon, 13% polyster, and 1% elstane. The Shea Butter that is infused into the socks should last for up to 25 washes. With that said remember that this is a speciality sock, so frequent washing should be avoided. People should also understand that these socks will not last forever. You will eventually need to buy a new pair.

You can purchase these socks at your local Bath & Body Works. They come in a varitety of cute designs and colors. They are $8.50 USD a pair. They are a great purchase for yourself or to give as gifts.

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Peace & Luv

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