December 31, 2015

Nails... New Years Eve 2016

Usually when I go to get my nails done I don't usually choose to get any crazy designs or go all out with them. This is honestly is usually due to one of two reasons. One being that I am in too much of a hurry to get anything done and can't be bothered to worry about trying to take care of the design (being careful nothing is falling off) and two why am I paying someone else to do a design or add gems when I can do it myself at home. With all this said I choose to treat myself and get a wicked design right in time for New Years.

I wear false nails. They are a basic acrlyic nail. The polish covering my nail is a gel reaction polish called.. by... This color is a bright shade of hot pink when cold, and a beautiful light peachy shade when warm. This polish has a light sparkle giving it a more pearly finish. The glitter polish on my right thumb and left pinky is by Essie. This glitter polish is called ... (I chose to apply this glitter myself at home.) The designs done on three of my fingers were ceated with a gel color called ... My manicurist used a thin brush dipped in the black gel to create the design. (Everything was painted on by hand.) The three fingers with the gems on them were applied wit a clear gel as adhevisive.

This design was inspired by other nail designs found online. I got my nails done by Lynn at Y2K Nails in Brampton. 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box provided below. Also feel free to send or tag me in any of your New Years nail pictures. Add or tag me @WarPaintLuv 

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes to you all in 2016. Have wicked fun and be safe. 

Peace & Luv

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