July 17, 2016

Nails... Holographic Starry Night

Today's nails remind me of a deep ocean, or the night sky. My nails are painted a deep dark blue mixed with small silver sparkles and blue reflective flakes. 

This time around I deicded to start my nails off fresh. The last time I got my nails done I didn't go to my usual salon and found that where I did end up going sadly did a terrible job. A week and a half later I got all my nails taken off (which majority of them were already falling off) and got myself a brand new set. I must say I was very happy with the outcome this time. I actually tried another salon called Urban Nails (on the Danforth in Toronto). My nails were done by Michelle, and she did a fantastic job. She is a sweet heart and I work definitely reccomend her work.

I was convinced to change my nails again from acrylic to gel once again. Gel is better for you, tends to last longer and is over all more shiney and natural looking then acrylic nails. Plus the price diffrence really wasn't a huge jump. (Less then $10) 

As usual I got a shellac coat on my nails instead of just regular polish. I find that shellac really does last longer, even on false nails. I also find that it strengthens the nails and do not allow them to break as easily. Unfortunately I am not sure who the shellac is made by but it is called Night Sky. As mentioned perviously Night Sky is a deep dark shade of blue with tiny sliver sparkles. The shellac is very nice on it's own. I wore it for a good couple of days before adding my own decorative touch.

A couple days later I decided to add another decorative top coat to my nails. This "top coat" is called The Holographic by Loréal. (I love the look of the reflective flakes but have absoluely no idea why anyone would call this a holo polish.) In the bottle it looks like a cloudy, clear polish with reflective flakes that shine blue or purple depending on the light. Once applied to my nails it really gave them that extra dimension and that shine I'm always looking for. I then applied a top coat to seal in the reflective flakes and protect my nails.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below. Happy Sunday everyone!

Peace & Luv

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