January 14, 2011

Kryolan's Aquacolor UV Dayglow Palette

Boys & girls! Ladies & jelly-beans! I give to you….. Kryolan's Aquacolor UV Dayglow Palette!!! *Dun Dun Dun* Ohhhh how I love Kryolan and its amazing UV palette. Sooooo this palette is amazing. The first time I heard about this palette I knew it had to be mine!!! J

There are so many things to say about this palette, let’s first talk about color. The UV Dayglow Palette has tons of color!!! You get six colors. All of which are activated with water. (How to use them below.) In your palette you’re going to find Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. All colors will react in UV blacklight. (YAY!!) Some do react better then others. Pink, Orange, and yellow react the best. Then I would say Blue, Purple, Green. Trust me, you will see, the effect is amazing.

How to use them?
If you try to lose them dry you really won’t get any color. They must be used with a little bit of water or some kind of makeup mixer; I personally just use a bit of water. You’re going to have to play with the colors a bit to get it to the proper thickness.

How much? Where can I find it?
I paid $26.00 for mine, but I’ve seen it range from $22-$35. Unfortunately you can’t buy it right off Kryolan’s website. I manage to get my on a website called Silly Farm but you can also find it on Ebay, as well as various other websites.

What I think?
I personally love this palette. Being a UV freak to begin with this defiantly is right down my alley. Weather you are wearing these colors in black light or just regular lighting they are so bright. They really are neon colors. They last on your face for quiet a long time; however they are not water proof, considering they are water activated. I also like to use them as a base for other colors. Since its applied wet, unless you let it completely dry it will help the eye shadow you are placing on top stick better. It is better not to layer it on. If you do the UV color won’t shine through in black lights. Another really cool thing about the palette is that each color easily snaps out of it’s spot so you can rearrange the colors or replace them with refills.

I really have no complaints about this product. The only thing I could say is that sometimes it will crease, but you can prevent that from happening if you let it dry completely. If you don’t get it at the right texture it can be hard to work with. Trust me you will learn quickly. Other then that along with a decent price, great name and quality, wick color and bad ass effect I would say you’ve got to check this out and see for yourself.

Regular Lighting

Black Lighting






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