January 15, 2011

Todays Look... Mrs. Peacock Inspired

Recently MAC came out with there Peacocky collection. To be honest I wasn't on top of it and haven't managed or really had a dyer need to pick any up. However with that said I have browsed through and it is, of course, worth taking a look at. (I'm just really excited about the Spring Wonder Woman collection.)

What inspired me to create this look was #1 I have done a look with several colors in longer then I would like to admit, and #2 since the Peacocky collection has been out Ive seen many peacock inspired looks. I wanted to have a quick shot at it.

All for fun, here it is...

To create this look I started with Nyx Milk jumbo pencil. I put some on my lid and blended it in with my fingers. I then applied Sugar Pill's Tako on top of the Nyx's Milk. Next I took High Bitch by Bitch Slap and placed it in my crease blending it upwards and out. I then added Tako under my brow to highlight. I made sure to blend High Bitch and Tako together where they met. Using another jumbo pencil from Nyx's called Purple I smudged a little into the outer corners of my eyes. Then placed Poison Plum by Sugar Pill on top. Next I took Buttercupcake and placed it into the crease just on the outer corners of my eyes. (I find it a hard spot to describe and not really show. Just look for the green/yellow in the pictures.) After applying my usual E.L.F Liquid Liner Pen I placed green eyeliner on my water line as well as bottom lash line. Last I added Goldilux on top of the green liner right below my bottom lash line. Added mascara to complete and I was done! For my cheeks I have on A Bite of a Apple, and on my lips Wrong Spell. Both of which are by Mac.

Update: P.S I totally forgot to mention I also added Reflects (Teal) by Mac on top of the white on my lid. That's what's giving it the sparkle.

I really hope this look inspires someone out there to do another cool one. Feed the fire!!!

All sites, as well as pictures below-izzle... (lol)




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