January 16, 2011

Nyx Haul'n...

I’m constantly trying to add to my makeup collections I already have, but I’m constantly buying new products I’ve never tried. Recently I hauled in some new NYX products. I bought a couple different things that I was very excited to try.

First item on the list are Jumbo Pencils. I bought the very famous, Milk (604)., as well as Purple (618).  I was very excited about these because of all the good things I have heard about it. I know that they work really well as a base which I have found to be true. I find the pencils to be very smooth. They both have great color and blend out well (with your finger) to create that lighter base. You can buy these pencils for $4.99. Over all I would say these are a thumbs up. I plan on getting more.


Second item would have to be Sparkling Glitter Powder. The one thing I really love about Nyx is how much glittery products they have. I only bought one powder but they offer many. I got mine in Hot Yellow. This color really is HOT. Bright yellow hot! The best part it truly is pure glitter love. I will say when using them you will need some kind of sticky base or glitter glue. Very cool. You can pick these sparkles up for $7.99.


Last, (for now) Glitter Cream Palettes. I own 3 of these palettes out of the several that they have. The ones I have are called Utopia (03), Ocean Breeze (11), and One Night in Luxy (12). These are cream palettes so when you use them you want to use a little bit at a time or it can get hard to work with. I find it difficult to get a really even coat anyways. Its better to use this product for your random sparkles… (Finding it hard to explain…sorry. L) Better use for sparkles that are more spaced out and scattered and not so much of one solid area. Either way once you find the best way for you to use it, it really is a great thing. I love the look it gives and the variety of colors. You can get one of these palettes for $6.99

Reasons why I like Nyx?
#1 Quality products. I really like what they have and the results I see, however I haven’t tired everything. Also everything I have really heard about Nyx from others has been quite positive.

#2 Decent Prices. I can respect a brand that can price reasonably. You’re getting a great product for cheap price.

#3 Varieties of (Bright) Colors. I love the amount of selection. There are many colors and shades to choose from for each item and the colors are super bright, depending of course on what shade your buying.

Unfortunatly I can't say much about any shadows or lip shades. I was dying to try there Jumbo Pencils and was really into all the glitter they offer. Hopefully I can try some soon!

All items can be purchased on http://www.nyxcosmetics.ca/ or at your local random cosmetics stores.

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