February 8, 2011

Funky Rainbow Hair... Zing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I got my hair done! (Thank god!!) My wick amazing sister Amanda was kind enough to take me for the day and do my hair. I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and time she has spent over the years on my hair. Thank you for letting me be your doll! J

I don’t know how it happened but magic did. My hair is so bomb… if I do say so myself. I’m not trying to sound cocky; I was just really looking forward to it and LOVE the results!

More pictures and steps below…

We had always planned to dye my roots, and add 3 colors, yellow, pink, and blue. These colors were going to go where my blonde and yellow was before. The black would be remaining black… Of course this HAD to change. ;) (lol)

Ill go through what Amanda did but I will say now, I can’t tell you in detail, #1 I wasn’t watching… duh. #2.I am not a pro or a hair dresser. I’m sure if something is wrong, I will be corrected. Just sayin… ;)

First she started off by sectioning off my hair, black from the blonde. As she went along she would dye my roots, mainly doing the blonde and then the black. We let that sit, then rinsed. Once my hair was rinsed out and blow dried she moved onto section my hair off so color could be added. Was there a game plan for the way the color went down? Not really, we had a color palette. However, although nothing was really planned between the two of us, I believe Amanda had some sort of idea. Either way, you’d have to ask her. J

Black & Blond stage

Once all the colors went on, we let that sit, then rinsed. This time while rinsing, Amanda was careful to rinse each chunk out individually. By doing this you are decreasing the chance of your colors running together. Sometimes however that is inevitable. Luckily in my case, it looks really cool! :P Amanda then blow dried my hair so we could see the true colors.


Of course, as expected it was amazing! Her work usually is. J  It was so cool to see all the color peek out of EVERYWHERE. It became a whole rainbow in my hair. I really is hard to tell how many colors I have. (Ha ha, sick.) When the yellow and blue ran together a little it created a really cool green-teal effect. Amanda also decided to sneak in some purple to give it that extra little twist. I’m so happy she did.


If you like what you see and are in the area you should defiantly check out the new salon she is working at. FRINGE by Red Lemon. Located in Georgetown, ON. Check em out, brand new salon. So siiick.

Thanks again Adnama. It’s awesome. I know you love it too! Love you!

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