February 8, 2011

Scaredy Cat Update: Sample Love Stinks & Peacocks Blood

Reccently I had gotten a 5 pigment sample pack from a cosmetic lined called Scaredy Cat. You can check it out here.

I managed to try out two of the five colors. Love Stinks & Peacock Blood. Here is what it looked like.

More pictures and opinions below...

I really enjoyed using these two colors. Both were extremly pretty. Love Stinks was the beautiful peachy color you see the in the jar. Peacock Blood was the color it appeared to be in the jar as well. It was a dark maroon/burgundy color. However it did tend to be slightly lighter then I thought it would be. However Love Stinks was added in so that may have lightened it up. Both gave off great pigment and shimmer. Im also very happy to say that they both applied quiet easily. A easy application is always nice. :) Im very happy with these two colors and look forward to getting the full sizes.

(This day just wasnt a great photo day. The colors looked so much nicer if real life. As well as in diffrent lighting. I did have pictures but they unfortunatly got deleted. :/ )


You can find Scaredy Cat Cosmetics on etsy.com.

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