February 8, 2011

Scaredy Cat Update: Sample Chakra

I managed to wear another one of my sample from Scaredy Cat today. If you missed it you can check it out here. Today I tried out my sample of Chakra.

More photo's below...

In the bottle Chakra is a nice solid purple color. Like the other sample Ive received it has that lovely shimmer as well. This was actually one of the first colors I have chosen to try out, however was really sadly disappointed once I used it. :( Unfortunately I found the application really frustrating. Once I would apply some color I would go to apply more to the rest of the eye and if my brush would even touch a area Ive already done it would smug and come off. I found it was disappearing and becoming more and more faint by the min. I'm sad to say this pigment and I didn't get along.

I ended up blend the color our until it was even and blending some white into it to give a lighter effect. You really can't see the true color, which was really nice, for what I could get on. Maybe it was just a bad day.




With all that said I do have two more colors to review and did in fact love the previous two. I still believe Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is defiantly worth checking out. You can find them on Etsy.com.


  1. hey you know who i am now i want to see your rainbow make up please. thanx a bunch. SG

  2. Ha ha, your too funny. I know!! If I go home at decent time tomorrow I'll do it. Or I'll do it Friday so Kendra can see it too. My eyes are good this week. :) lol.