February 18, 2011

It's all about Eyes, Lips, & Face! E.L.F Review

In the past month or so I have been doing a lot of E.L.F hauling. They have had some really awesome deals recently, and of course mixed with there great prices and quality makeup, I had to indulge.

I have been haulin ass and have tons to share!!

E.L.F is a brand that I heard about through the grape vine. I was reading more and more about there products everyday. When I finally checked them out I was floored by the awesome prices, of course expecting something a little more pricey. If you are new to makeup Eyes, Lips, & Face is a great brand to start with. They have everything you need from eye color, to foundation. Primers, to glosses. Through out my shopping I managed to pick up a little bit of everything. From nail polish to eye pigments.



More information and pictures below…

Flawless Finish Foundation ($6.00): This is a smooth liquid foundation. I really like the press pump. This product is very clean and easy to use. This foundation is SPF 15 and oil free. It’s good to look for foundations and moisturizers with a good amount of SPF. Even in the winter the sun affects our skin especially our faces which are always exposed. Oil free can also be very nice if you have oily skin to begin with or don’t want that greasy feel. Who does?

Tinted Moisturiser ($3.00): This is the product I’ve actually been using more on my face. This is simply because I haven’t had a proper foundation brush. This product is great for on the go. It comes in a squeeze tube, so it is easy to take with you. This product is very light and feels nice on the skin. It is SPF 20.

Angled Foundation Brush ($3.00): My beautiful angled brush!! When I first bought this I was worried it was going to be too fluffy, that what it looked like to me in the photo at least. I got it today and it rocks my socks. It is soooo nice and soft. Feels great on your skin. Lovely!



Shimmer Palette (Highlight) ($3.00): This is one product out of this list that I use everyday. (I’m sure you will be able to tell by the photos. Lol) I like to use this palette for my highlight on my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. I like that fact that it comes in a couple colors so you can match which blush or powder you are wearing. I’d say this one would have to be the most valued product out of this list for me.

Eye Transformer Palette ($3.00): This palette is a lot of fun. You can use these colors on top or underneath other colors. They are used to give a duo tone to a non duo tone eye color. Once you apply this you will see the different shades in different lighting. I like that they give you four different shades to choose from. That way you can basically match this palette up to everything.


Eye Brightener ($1.00): This was a free gift that was sent with my purchase. These four colors are supposed to brighten your eye when applied. I haven’t really had the chance to try them out. The pictures really don’t do any justice but the colors are really nice with the right amount of shimmer.

100 Color Palette ($10.00): This palette is great deal, price wise. You’re essentially getting 100 colors for 10 bucks. I haven’t really had a chance to actually test out all the colors, but I swatched a few of them. From what I can see there pigments are much better then there pressed. The color does appear from the palette but it also rubs off, or fades very easily, even if you were just trying to blend it out. This would probably be the biggest disappointment on the list. Last picture


Pigment Eyeshadow ($3.00): These pigments were actually part of one of the great deal I got. When you made a purchase of $15.00 or more (which is a lot of stuff!!) you get 10 pigments free. HELLO! I was on it!! (lol) These pigments actually surprised me. They all had great color to them. Some where matte, some sparkle, and some shimmer. I’m truly excited about testing out these colors very soon. J The pigments come in small usual size jars, with a sifter.


Brightening Liner ($1.00): These are pencil liners. They really aren’t anything too special, just your basic pencil liner. They have a variety of shades to choose from. I find these pencils last, but will begin to smudge over time. They are worth the whole dollar.

Eyeliner Pen ($1.00): The eyeliner pens were something I was really looking forward to. I have a lot of trouble using liquid eyeliner. I prefer to use it in pen form if possible. There are different colors to choose from, which are all pretty nice. The only down fall to this product is that if you aren’t gentle, the tip may become slightly damaged and you will loose color. I find the lighter colors tend to fade faster. Once they are on your eye they last the day. However, I would not call them ‘waterproof’.


Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara ($3.00): The first thing I noticed about this mascara was the actual bottle with the product was they small part and the longer part of the tube was the wand. ??? Actual product wise I like the mascara. I think it give me length but not tones of volume. I just got mine in plain black. Again, totally worth the 3 bucks!


Lip Lock Pencil ($3.00): I think this pen is such an awesome idea!!! I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but am very excited to try it out tomorrow. I think this is such a cool idea. Originally I thought you applied it directly to the lips and it worked as a base, wrong. You actually apply it right around your lips so you seal all your color in. Hmmmm.


Nail Polish ($1.00): Last but not least the polish. I was super stoked about getting this color. This color is probably my boyfriend’s favourite color I own. Applying this color was really easy and smooth. No sticky clumpiness at all. Unfortunately my nails have tiny air bubbles underneath the polish. To be honest I’m really not too sure how this happened. When this was done my nails were NOT in the best condition….sadly. L The color however is super nice. Long lasting polish? Maybe. It’s hard to say, and I say this because I found it only last a couple days for me, my sister one night, and then once she reapplied it’s lasted almost a week. To me it really depends on what you are doing with your hands, what you do for work and so on. I’m finding this polish hard to judge.


Over all I am very pleased with my E.L.F haul. Really it came in two parts. I really like E.L.F; I think they are a great name with some awesome products. They are defiantly worth giving a try. Really you have nothing to lose. If I’m not mistaken they have a $2.00 shipping special happening right now. If you looking for sales or deals on E.L.F you can always check out the side bar on my blog. There is a direct link there.

I really hope I’ve motivated everyone to try something new, or to visit an old favourite if you are already familiar with the company. Either way this blog is tragically long. I do apologize. J

Checkout Eyes, Lips, & Face here… http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

Happy hunting!!



  1. bubbles in your nail polish isn't caused by the polish. it's caused by you shaking the polish before you use it. you're not supposed to actually shake it. you're supposed to roll it back and forth in your palms. That might help with your bubbles problem.

  2. Thanks, Ill try that next time. :)