February 18, 2011

Nails... Big Sparkling Sun

Today I choose to try a look on a nail that at first I wasn't too sure would turn out the way I wanted. It turned out freaking awesome and is in all actuality really simple.

Big Sparkling Sun...

I wanted to do something that was bright and fun, plus that little bit (or a lot) of sparkle. ;) For how I did it and what products I used keep reading...

I first started off by applying a base coat. For this I used Nail Envy by OPI. Once my base was dry I applied 3-4 coats of Yell-oh! by Color Club. Make sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next. This may seem like a pain but if you dont wait you will get clumpy uneven polish, which will just ruin the look anyway. Once all your coats are on and dry, your nails should be a solid yellow, almost neon yellow.


The next thing your going to need is a jar of NYX's glitter. To match my nails I am using a neon yellow glitter called Hot Yellow. Really you can use any color you like weather you want to do a different nail color or mix match sparkles with polish. Your going to want to apply a clear coat on top of your yellow nails. Then over a piece of paper, sink, towel, whatever, evenly sprinkle the sparkles over your nails, one at a time. You may need to sprinkle more on them as you go. If you find your polish is drying, let it dry and just apply another clear coat on top, then add more sparkle. You can add as much or as little as you like.


Lastly your going to want to seal in all the color and sparkle by applying 2-3 clear topcoat to your nails. Apply until the tops of your nails are smooth. I just used my Nail Envy again, but any topcoat will do.


Products used...
OPI Nail Envy (Clear Glossy)
Nyx Sparkling Glitter Powder (Hot Yellow)
Color Club Polish (Yell-Oh)

That's it! Its actually super super easy. I wish I had more pictures to show but I only did it on one fake nail. I didn't have time to do it to my own. :( Sorry guys.


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